From pickles to Pickals

Arthur Cohen knew it was "crunch time for an ALS cure".

When life hands you lemons, you're supposed to  make lemonade. But pickles were more Arthur Cohen's thing.  Over the years, his homemade, garlicky pickles had become an obsession among his family, friends and neighbors.  So when Arthur was diagnosed with ALS in 2014,  selling his Pickals to raise money for an ALS cure seemed like a natural.  Pickals was born.

Since then, Arthur's crunchy, small-batch pickles have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for ALS research and patient care. Profits from every jar benefit organizations actively working on an ALS cure, as well as those helping patients and their families navigate this cruel disease

Arthur's brave battle with ALS ended in August, 2017, but his legacy and mission live on.  Today, you can buy his "delectable chips of joy" online  and at several specialty food stores.  Our goal is for Pickals to symbolize the fight against ALS and to create a sustainable funding source that helps lead to a cure.

Join the fight to beat ALS - try Arthur's Pickals. If you love them, please tell your friends. Just have a breath mint first.

Arthur cohen sells pickles for ALS


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